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We are a tech collaborative focused on providing solutions for our clients by making everyday processes more manageable and easier to navigate. In a world of increasing technological advances, our goal at ACG is not to automate people out of jobs, but rather to make doing your job easier. We pride ourselves on our quality of code, our solutions architects, and our company culture. Each employee - from our Chief Technology Officer to our junior developers - participates in daily peer reviews to ensure the quality of our code. At Actovos Consulting Group, we take YOUR vision and needs and provide our expertise and insights to make. it. happen.

Actovos was conceptualized as a communication platform to specifically help fill a need identified within a State’s Foster System. Actovos allows Child Welfare Specialists to quickly contact Foster Parents based on location and search filters that can be adjusted to meet the specific child’s needs. The application also automates several manual reports and helps close communication loops to keep families, partners, and staff comprehensively and consistently informed.

Stir7 is an Actovos Consulting Group patented software. To date, this software has been used primarily in applications for iOS and Android devices as it allows users to connect based on their geographical location without the mess of sending the first message. Aimed towards those looking to meet others a bit more organically than a run of the mill networking event or dating app swipe, our software allows users to connect at any public location but secures information to keep them private and safe.

Focused on providing greater efficiencies in quality assurance, Voyage was created out of an internal need within the ACG team. Within our development lifecycle, we were unable to find an out of the box solution that connected to our systems and deployed an isolated instance to test new features/functionality and allow all team members easy access. In other words, Voyage provides a solution that allows your entire team to view and test the same platform without the annoyance of "reply all." Your sales, marketing, and technical teams can all provide real-time feedback in order to efficiently and effectively free up your company’s most important asset - time.

Founded in Oklahoma City as a group of engineers laser-focused on going above and beyond standard design and development processes, ittybam was founded as a team of infrastructure and software engineers with decades of combined experience and successes. Simply put, we are in the business of helping our partners find solutions.

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